When This Group Of Dancers Stepped On Stage. They Took Everyone's Breath Away! Awesome!


When you think of an Irish Dance do you picture men in kilts performing a standard or traditional dance step? If you do, once you watch this video you never will again. This clip is from the show Got To Dance, series 3 and it shows the skills of the group called Prodijig in their final performance.

Take tap dance and combine it with an Irish Jig, take out the kilts and replace them with body suits and you will get a group that not only dances in perfect harmony but captivates your attention at the same time. The video is short taking up only a minute and forty seconds but in that short time you see some fast moving action that you will not want to take your eyes off of. When they are finished they have everyone, including the judges applauding and standing on their feet to do so. If you get to see them in person it is definitely a must!

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