I’m Left Speechless With What This Orphan Boy Does When He Picks-Up The Chalk. I’m Disturbed!


This short video has been put across by Navin Kumar who is an Indian director. I never expected to be uplifted by this two minute clip until I had the chance of watching it.

This is a true story that features the experiences of a certain man when fighting was going on in Iraq. It poignantly and beautiful brings the experiences on board. It brings out a young boy’s cries that cannot be heard and thus cannot be taken to be a personal account.

The child might appear normal when you first meet him: he’s schooling, properly dressed and looks healthy. But once you discover he is going through loneliness and the surrounding naked truth will leave you heartbroken; something you least expected.

When the young boy picked up some piece of chalk, a school aide who noticed him do so decided to see what he was about to do. You will be left speechless with what he went on and did. He came up with his mother’s drawing.

Love is all the little orphan is in need of. Just like any of us, he deserves it!

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