Again we see liberals trying to wipe out another military installation and erase its history.


The state of Minnesota has announced plans to destroy the historic buildings of Fort Snelling by re-modeling them into housing for welfare recipients at a massive cost of over $500,000 per housing unit!

The state has announced that it is sinking $100 million to rehab the buildings to create 190 section 8 housing units. That is well over $500,000 per housing unit. Since when is a half million dollar home “affordable”?

A massive $100 million redevelopment proposal is expected to transform Fort Snelling’s historic military buildings into 190 apartments for low-income families in the area near the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

Lt. Gov. Tina Smith and Minnesota Department of Natural Resources officials announced the landmark proposal Wednesday, saying it will overhaul and preserve the Fort Snelling Upper Post.

Officials said it is exciting to see a place that holds great importance in Minnesota’s history be reborn as a place for Minnesota’s future.

“It’s going to preserve 26 of the most historic buildings in Minnesota,” said Larry G. Peterson, park manager and Upper Post project manager.

Of course, this claim that they are “preserving” anything is poppycock. Section 8 housing ALWAYS becomes a pit of destruction and ghetto living. So, these buildings will end up a mess.

This is no less the destruction of history to house welfare recipients–and it is likely that those who move in here will be more of the Muslim Somali immigrants that Obama keeps dumping in Minnesota despite that so many of them keep going back to Africa to join ISIS and al Qaeda.

Fort Snelling, originally known as Fort Saint Anthony, was a military fortification located at the confluence of the Minnesota River and Mississippi River in Hennepin County, Minnesota. It is a Mississippi National River and Recreation Area, a National Park Service unit, and includes historic Fort Snelling. The installation served as a main bulwark in US defenses of the west during the westward expansion era from before the Civil War to the end of the westward migration.

So, here we have the liberals trying to wipe out another military installation and erase its history.

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