These artists are so skilled that you will feel like your eyes are deceiving you


Humans can be truly amazing, and when people put their minds to crafting artistic work, the result can be incredible. We found thirteen artists from across the globe that have undeniable talent and create work that you have to see to believe!

Diego Fazio

72255-5741748-ikke-til-at-tro-p-dette-er-ikke-et-foto-900-4051044555-1476694107Source: Brightside

Diego Fazio works with printer-like efficiency, working from left to right with pencil and charcoal. It takes roughly 200 for him to finish a piece, but the results speak for themselves!

Robin Eley

73005-Silentrespirationnewweb-800-92c53e6af5-1476694107Source: Brightside


Eley is a London-based painter that crafts large-scale oil paintings. This one in particular is absolutely beyond stunning.

Gottfried Helnwein

Helnwein focuses on watercolor to craft photorealistic portraits. He’s also a photographer, sculptor, and sketching.

Kamalky Laureano

72955-resamplelanczos-800-9cac4f1b7c-1476694107Source: Brightside

The Dominican artist utilizes acrylic on canvas to create these realistic photos! Laureano explains that for him painting should be a reflection of life itself… we can’t help but agree!

Yigal Ozeri

72155-3-800-2ecad79132-1476694107Source: Brightside


This amazing piece of art above comes from Yigal Ozeri, who’s renowned for his ability to convey dark and light that convincingly makes his work look just like a photograph!

Taner Ceylan

72305-9654eb43091aff66669af3bfe087c354-800-af28a10fb6-1476694107Source: Brightside

Turkish artist Taner Ceylan is well-known for recreating photographs in a photorealistic style.

Andrew Talbot

72355-a05d8ab707a8-800-9c0ea8a4ba-1476694107-1Source: Brightside

Talbot is known for dynamic colors in a realistic style. The British artist has been a star in the art world since 2002, and his art truly speaks for itself!

Roberto Bernardi

72005-193383245-800-007c614ae0-1476694107Source: Brightside


Hyper-realist Roberto Bernardi brings still-life images to life with stunning dynamic in color and style. This image is absolutely crazy!

Gregory Thielker

72405-CompleteStop-1694x1280-800-a542d8629a-1476264014Source: Brightside

This rainy image by Gregory Thielker uses watercolor and oil smeared with his hands. If you’ve ever driven in a car during a rainy day, this piece manages to capture the feeling with an effortless ease!

Omar Ortiz

72055-1ec0dd328f34401bb83efaf88f11ad0e-800-c0738819f0-1476694107Source: Brightside


Omar Ortiz is excellent in capturing the natural curves of the human body, and the stunning results look exactly like a photo!

Ruth Tyson

72205-4-800-569508f580-1476694107Source: Brightside


British artist Ruth Tyson has no formal training in art, but utilizes a mixture of graphite, aquarel pencils and occasionally paint to craft her realistic-looking work!

Paul Cadden

72455-obras_arte_realista_impressionantes_03-800-2d0fe8c45f-1476694107Source: Brightside

Paul Cadden is an artist that sticks strictly to graphite pencil to create his work. The end result looks too real!

Bryan Drury

72505-obras_arte_realista_impressionantes_42-800-800f5730d5-1476694107Source: Brightside

Bryan Drury is an esteemed artist who first rose to the scene when she completed her American Academy of Arts degree in 2007. Since then, she’s achieved numerous awards all over the world and now renowned for her work in depicting human skin.

Art is truly amazing, and these artists truly show how talented people can be! The photorealism that is captured in these works proves that with time and dedication, anything can be brought to life!

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