Her Sister’s In A Wheelchair, But When She Does THIS, I Cried Like A Baby


The Latkovski Sisters performed “Reflections” on the WHAS Crusade for Children telethon. The Latkovski sisters are two young ladies who are phenomenal dancers. The younger sister, Gracie Latkovski, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and cystic fibrosis, but she does not let that stop her.

Gracie has been dancing since she was 3, and she touches hearts in doing so. The video begins focused on Gracie as she dances alone and her sister sits on the other side of a mirror frame.Gracie and her sister, Quincy, then mirror each other in wheelchairs. Quincy then stands up out of her chair and dances around the stage with Gracie to the song “Reflections.” It is incredible. The girls have been dancing together for years, but it is still fantastic to see Gracie come to life.

You can feel the happiness radiate from the stage as Quincy twirls, Gracie dances, and the two both smile.

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