Premature Baby With Tiny Feet Manages To Survive Miraculously And Lead A Normal Life!


Daily on the social media we see and hear saddening stories, but the following is full of wonderful news, which make think that all is possible.

In August 2014, Trevor Frolek was born with very small feet, that his father Bo Frolek’s, marriage ring fitted on one of them. His early life had hardship, but managed to overcome it and lead a normal life.

His premature birth was after 23 weeks, and weighed 1 pound and 6 oz. his condition earned him a place in the intensive care where he underwent numerous heart and eye surgeries. His father made a report on Fox News that the specialist doctor had informed them to be ready to experience good time and rough time from the little kid.

Good news is that he was being attended by devoted professional doctors who did all to keep him alive, and a family that always remembered him in prayers. On July 24, 2015, which was a Friday, Trevor had his first birthday in the hospital.

When the day came for him to leave for home, all the team of doctors and nurses that took care of him, made a small farewell celebration. Many had made an oversight comment that he could not survive. Mother Becky told Today that it was a miracle that happened, together with the tireless work of the nurses and doctors.

Currently this small kid is at home with his father, mother and his elder sister. He is surely a survivor!

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h/t & photo source: TODAY

Trevor Frolek shocked doctors in Fargo, ND when he was born at just 23-weeks gestation in August, 2014.


The micropreemie newborn was born at only 1 lb., 6 oz. He was so tiny that his dad Bo Frolek could fit his wedding ring around his foot.


Doctors and medical textbooks warned that there was no way Trevor could survive. Yet, he was strong enough to undergo intense surgeries on his heart and eyes at just a few weeks old.

After almost one year in the hospital, on July 24, 2015, a miracle happened. Doctors said Trevor had beat the odds and was finally healthy enough to go home with his family.


Mom Becky wrote on Facebook: “Thank you everyone for your well wishes, thoughts and prayers and words of encouragement. Indeed it has been quite a journey. We are very happy to have Trevor home. Although we love the NICU team, we enjoy not having to go there on the weekend! Trevor seems to be adjusting alright. We are too, slowly! Brookelyn loves Trevor until one of us holds him, then she suddenly wants to snuggle! Poor little girl! Thank you to our families for helping us and supporting us along the way. We are grateful for everyone. We are blessed to have Trevor at home! God is good! Prayers are answered!”


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