This Old Footage OF A 7 YEAR-OLD Girl Singing “When I Grow Up” Will Instantly Make Your Day!


This Shirley Temple song is so classic, and you will love watching her perform it! She is so little in this video, and she is adorable. Everything about the way that she sings and dances will make you fall in love with her. She was such a special actress, and she really seemed to have it all together even at such a young age. You are going to enjoy everything that you see in this video, and you are going to want to watch more of Shirley Temple because of it.

This song and the way that Shirley Temple sings it is really special. You are going to love the way that this performance plays out, and you are going to want to watch this classic video over and over again. This is such a piece of art, and you are really going to love it from the start all of the way to the end. Shirley’s singing and acting is incredible.

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