Nurse Hailed ‘Prettiest Bride’ In China After Trying To Save A Drowned Man While Still Wearing Her Wedding Dress


While most women would only be thinking of being beautiful in their white wedding gown, 25 year old Guo Yuanyuan jumped into the water to save a man drowning at Dalian Beach in Chi…

#1 Prettiest Bride

It was picture perfect for 25 year old Guo Yuanyuan to shoot her wedding photos on the beach, but suddenly things took a turn, when a guy began drowning


#2 Drowning Man

Witnesses pulled a man from sinking in the waves at a beach in Dalian in China, as Guo was taking her pictures.


#3 Without Hesitation

Without pause, the young cardiac nurse jumped off a three foot ledge and ran to help the man whose lips had already turned purple and who was unconscious.


#4 CPR

Guo performed CPR on the man for twenty minutes, kneeling in the sand in her wedding dress.


#5 Too Late

While the man did begin to spit up water, it was too late by the time the ambulance arrived. The man died of a heart attack, but locals hailed the nurse as a hero and prettiest bride despite her make up being ruined and her dress being dirty.

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