Mom Keeps the placenta attached to the baby a week later after birth for one reason


Mothers use their placenta in many ways; others even make smoothies with them. However, one trend is gaining momentum in the recent past. The lotus birth or leaving the placenta attached to the umbilical cord until it separates naturally is a common practice.

Lotus birth is a controversial technique as the separation between the cord and the baby takes even days.

Proponents of the theory say it gives the newborn maximum amount blood with all beneficial nutrients.

Just how safe is the lotus birth? “The Doctor” discuss it safety and focus on one mother in particular.

Adele had two lotus births and her children turned out fine. Adele says she wanted to go as natural as possible and gave birth unassisted. Her babies were attached to their placentas for close to a week.

How did she deal with the placenta’s smell? Adele uses flower petals, rock salt, and essential minerals which prevents it from rotting.

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