Man flees his home dueto a wildfire, but cannot escape the horror involved


When wildfires fumed through California, parents of Michael Ludwig left their home to live at his residence in Long Beach.
Fortunately, they fled their house before the wildfire got to them, but that didn’t denote they would get away from the horror involved.

A safety camera put just outside the entrance of their house abruptly sent a warning to their mobile phones. Michael’s father checked notice and realized that somebody was forcing entry to their home.

They stopped the live recording feed of the camera and realized the reason they had been warned of the forceful entry.
A team of brave firefighters had turned up at their home to battle the inferno before it did too much harm.

The family could only gaze in hopelessness as the firefighters broke into and tried to rescue the house.

Michael’s father opted to switch on the intercom and asked how was his house. Then one firefighter responded and told Michael that his home was still standing, but that of his neighbor could not make it. Although the house of Michael’s parents was saved from the blaze on time, it was not the same with that of his neighbor and many others.

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