This Former Uber Driver Just Made A Stunning Confession That Will Hurt Your Heart


This former Uber driver has something to say. And it might just bring you to tears.

#1 Uber Drivers Meet All Kinds Of People

Uber drivers meet all kinds of people. But this girl almost broke his heart…

#2 He Picked Up This Drunk Girl

One night, picked up a girl – totally wasted. She apologized for being so drunk, and then asked him if he could drive around for a bit with the windows down.

#3 She Almost Vomited

She was close to vomiting the whole way. She stopped herself – just barely.

#4 She Asked The Driver If He Had Ever Thought About Death

Then she did something strange. She asked the driver if he had ever thought about death…

#5 That’s When She Told Him She Had Cancer

Then she broke it to him – she had cancer. It was in the brain, and the chemo wasn’t working.

#6 She Told Him She Was Dying

She told the Driver calmly that was about to die. But everything would be okay in the end.

#7 Tonight, She Was Celebrating With Friends

The saddest part of all? Tonight, this woman was at a “going away party” with her work friends. She hadn’t told them she was dying, and she thought this was the best way. She told them she was “going abroad.” She didn’t tell them that “abroad” meant Heaven. This made the Uber driver cry all the way home.

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