Dog Alerts Parents to Child Abuse by Babysitter


Two parents in South Carolina knew something was wrong when their sweet, mild mannered dog started acting strange toward the babysitter they hired to watch their infant son. Their dog’s behavior eventually led to the discovery that the babysitter was abusing the child.
Benjamin and Hope Jordan needed to find someone trustworthy to watch their son while they worked during the day. They placed an ad, interviewed candidates and performed background checks. After finding Alexis Khan, a 21-year-old who passed all the steps with flying colors, they trusted her to care for their baby during the day.


The babysitter had been left alone with their son Finn and their dog Killian several times over a five month period when they started noticing that Killian acted strangely when the sitter would come into the house. He started to become aggressive toward her and the parents had to begin physically restraining him when Khan came into the home.
Hoping for the best, but expecting the worst, the parents decided to place an iPhone under the couch and record what happened after they left the home. What they heard on the recordings would horrify any parent. They heard Finn crying and the babysitter telling him to “shut up,” followed by slapping noises and Finn crying out in pain.
Khan was arrested a few weeks later and charged with assault and battery. She was sentenced to serve 1-3 years in prison and will be eligible for parole after one year. The former babysitter will never be able to work with children again due to being placed on a child abuse registry.
As for the Jordan family, they are very grateful that Killian alerted them to the abuse and that he may have saved Finn’s life or another child’s life. The family reports that Finn is doing very well and does not appear to have any lasting scars from the abuse.
Source: WTVR News


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