Quiz: Can You Pass The Dream Awareness Test?



Everybody dreams, it’s a basic fact of life. Even if upon waking you often cannot remember the dreams you’ve had throughout the night, you definitely dreamed of something!

Then there are those times when we wake up and it seems as if the dreams we’ve had are real. They are the ones that are so vivid and life-like that it’s like we experienced them first hand. They stick with us long afterwards and every detail, from how we felt to what we did and saw, remains clear in our minds.

When you’re able to remember certain parts of your dreams, you can look up their symbolism to find out why you had them in the first place. Over thousands of years people have closely studied the most universal and common dreams that we all tend to experience. They have broken them down and interpreted their meanings, and it’s likely that you’re at least a little familiar with some of them.

To see how well you truly understand your unconscious mind and what certain dreams actually mean, take this quiz. It tests your dream awareness abilities so try it now and see if you can pass it!

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