This Video Of A Dog And Little Boy Playing Hide And Seek Will Melt Your Heart! SWEET!


This is a funny video involving a giant dog, a young girl and her mother. The young girl goes and hides while the mother tells the dog to stay  then after the young girl has found a suitable place to hide in the house, the mother lets the animal go off and search for the girl.
The dog actually seems to know that it is playing a game of hide and seek because it is using its eyes more than its natural instinct to use the nose to sniff out the little girl and it walks round the house genuinely looking for the girl even checking behind the Christmas tree trying to find the girl and after a few minutes the girl’s mother can be heard telling the dog to use his nose and that is when he begins to sniff around the couch and gets closer and closer until he realizes the girl is hiding behind the chair. It’s such a heartwarming animal video. Please SHARE thsi!


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