Lawsuit Filed Against EOS Lip Balm After People Discover It Contains…


EOS lip balm is being sued after THIS

#1 Lip balm

Spherical lip balm has gotten very popular lately.


#2 Celebrity endorsements

Some celebrities have endorsed the product, including Kim Kardashian.


#3 Britney Spears

Britney Spears has also been part of their campaigns and shared this picture on social media.


#4 Some real life women are having problems

But while some celebrities seem to be enjoying using the product, some women have been having major problems with it.


#5 Two months for it to heal

For instance, this blogger mentioned that it took about two months before her lips healed after using the lip balm.


#6 Too late

And even though the company has tried to get in touch with these women and help, they believe it’s too late as the damage has already been done.


#7 Lawsuit

And they decided to sue the company. EOS had to release a statement on their Facebook page trying to reassure their customers while talking about the type of work that they do to meet their safety and quality standards.

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