21 Times Dogs Crashed Engagement Photos… And Made Them 100x Cuter!


Proposal season is officially upon us. If you’ve not already had your Facebook feed overwhelmed with couples proclaiming their undying love – get ready, it’s coming.

But instead of the usual “save the date” photographs, we decided to highlight 23 happy couples who could possibly love their dogs more than each other. Don’t get us wrong, each of these duos are obviously crazy about one another, but both are certainly also devoted to their four legged friends.

Check out the sweet future families below!

  1. These couples have their priorities straight.

  2. Little families in the making.

  3. They’re just too perfect.

  4. I wonder who belongs to who…

  5. Adorable.

  6. Celebrating the pug life.

  7. Big smiles all around!

  8. So sweet.

  9. Just perfect.

  10. Good boy!

  11. Perfect.

  12. Aweeeee.

  13. Adorable kisses.

  14. Someone’s excited.

  15. The cutest.

  16. Hahah.

  17. So happyyyy!

  18. Dawwww.

  19. Little Michigan fan.

  20. This.

  21. True love.

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