This Russian Ballerina Captures Powerful Photos Of Ballet Dancers Behind The Stage


See stunning behind the scenes images of ballerinas

#1 Darian Volkova Is A Ballerina

Darian Volkova is a professional ballerina. She also has been taking photographs behind the stage and is now showing them.


#2 “Soul In Feet”

Darian’s new photography series is called “Soul in Feet”. It shows ballerina’s off stage.


#3 St. Petersburg, Russia

Darian’s photos focus on St. Petersburg, Russia, which is a hub for dance but especially ballet.


#4 Ballerina’s In Black and White

Many of the photos are in black and white. This one shows the musculature of a male ballerina.


#5 Graceful In Flight

This ballerina appears to be flying. It is powerful and beautiful.


#6 Inside The Ballet Flats

A lot of the photographs show the signs of the physical demands of ballet. Here we see what ballet does to the feet and toes.


#7 And That’s Not All

To see more of Darian’s work visit the website .

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